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Penn State investigator answers key questions about Zoom-bombings

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Recognizing the ongoing concern among Penn State community members regarding recent Zoom-bombings, Detective Andrew Stager, a digital forensic specialist for Penn State University Police and Public Safety's Criminal Investigations Unit, recently answered key questions related to the incidents.

Community reminded of steps and resources to help keep Zoom meetings secure

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As the spring semester progresses, those using the Zoom videoconferencing platform should remember that to avoid “Zoom-bombing” — a type of online harassment where an individual hijacks a video conference to wreak havoc — there is a list of tips and settings to help prevent unwanted actions by participants.

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Collaboration is the key to keeping IT moving forward in support of Penn State, and the IT Strategy is aligning the 60-plus IT units in that effort.

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New Student Orientation is a vital asset for incoming students designed to prepare them for all aspects of college life – everything from setting academic goals to being a good member of their campus community. The multi-day event helps get them on the right path for their time as a Penn State student.

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IT support can't always come to you when you're having a hardware or software issue. While a phone call may be sufficient to diagnose and suggest a fix, it isn't always enough. That's when software that allows support to open a remote session, see the client's screen, and experience the environment firsthand is invaluable.