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Penn Staters create Turf Threat Tracker weather app to aid golf industry

T3: Turf Threat Tracker is an app-based weather modeling tool designed for turf management experts created by four meteorology professionals
Four meteorology professionals with ties to Penn State recently launched T3: Turf Threat Tracker, an app-based weather modeling tool designed for turf management experts created. Within the past few months, more than 100 golf courses have signed up for their free trial. Among their clients are about a dozen of the top 100 golf courses in the United States and Canada and four of the top 10.

Honeypot security technique can also stop attacks in natural language processing

Digital lock
Using a learning-based method, an attacker can fool online fake news detectors and spam filters, which could mean more fake news appearing in your social media feed or spam reaching your email inbox. College of Information Sciences and Technology researchers have developed a machine learning framework that can proactively defend against these attacks.

Applications open for GivingTuesday 2021

GivingTuesday graphic thumbnail crop
Applications are now open for all Penn State campuses, colleges, programs and alumni groups interested in hosting a fundraising campaign during Penn State’s GivingTuesday celebration.

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Student holds a cell phone while helping another individual

Helping students, faculty, and staff quickly resolve their technology challenges is what motivates the Penn State IT Service Desk every day. It's also what has made it an attractive option to deliver Tier 1 support to 14 administrative units beyond Penn State IT.

Computer with email icon on screen and checkmark

Hitting send on a carefully composed email is the easy part. What happens next determines if it will reach its intended destination – the inbox of a coworker, a potential donor, or a science foundation funding a research grant. It all depends on the sophisticated, behind-the-scenes communication between email provider servers on both ends.

an overhead shot of 3 cars in a parking lot.  There is one empty spot and in that spot is an icon depicting a WiFi signal

Students who live on campus can return to their dorm room as a haven during the day. Off-campus students who don't have the same option between their classes might gravitate to labs or other, often crowded, spaces to work, socialize with friends, or relax.