Expanded Teaching Technologies

Adobe  go to website

An Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account—which includes programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and After Effects—is now available to all Penn State students and faculty at no additional cost. For more information on individual CC programs and trainings on how to use them, visit adobe.psu.edu/whats-included/.

Badges go to website

Digital badges enrich learning experiences by allowing their earners to showcase their accomplishments and skills. Learn how to create a badge at badges.psu.edu/create-a-badge/.

Immersive Experiences go to website

Learning experiences are enhanced through the creation and viewing of video that plunges the user into a scene thanks to 360 degree video, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Media Commons  go to website

Penn State’s Media Commons helps your students envision, produce, and publish multimedia projects.

Maker Commons  go to website

Conduct an in-class workshop in an instructional computer lab with the assistance of a Maker Commons lab consultant. 

One Button Studio go to website

Film a video in the One Button Studio, a simplified production area available at a growing number of campus locations.

VoiceThread go to website

Enrich classroom activities such as presentations, critiques, reflections, and more by sharing multimedia on VoiceThread. For instructions on how to use VoiceThread, review the Knowledge Base article “Canvas LTI: VoiceThread.”

Sites at Penn State (WordPress)  go to website

Sites at Penn State allows you to easily build websites, blogs, and increase student engagement at no additional charge. To learn more, visit the service’s resources or support pages.