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IT Mentors

IT Mentors is a nine-month program that matches goal-oriented IT staff with experienced colleagues from across Penn State to share knowledge and develop leadership skills within a structured mentoring relationship.


  • Set your own individualized goals
  • Pursue your goals and document your progress


  • Help mentees set their professional goals
  • Provide guidance and answer questions
  • Expand your own knowledge to better serve your mentee's needs

What’s involved?

As part of the one-on-one mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees meet regularly to set professional goals, discuss progress, and share knowledge. 

To be a mentor or mentee, participants need to:

  • Commit to the nine-month program
  • Complete an application
  • Attend the kick-off meeting and mentor training
  • Meet regularly (at least two hours per month)
  • Attend at least two relevant activities or events together
  • Share experiences at the end-of-program brown bag lunch
  • Provide feedback on the program


Email IT Mentors at l-it-mentors@lists.psu.edu.

Committee Members

Dave Cochrane
Mark Katsouros
Timothy Marshall
Chris Ritzko
Pedro Robles
Barb Smith
Jimmy Vuccolo