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IT Planning

Improved IT Planning processes inform and enable smart decision making, especially around effective and efficient use of IT resources (staff, space, and budget) across the institution. Use this site to help you align your unit’s IT strategy to Penn State’s IT Strategic Plan as it’s developed.

Assessing the Landscape

Use these tips and strategies to uncover the internal and external factors that affect your IT Planning and decision making. Understand IT governance processes and practices to develop improved unit IT Planning.

Envisioning the Future

Use these tools to help you develop your unit’s strategy around providing IT services. Develop unit IT strategies that align with the University’s IT Strategic Plan.

IT Decision Making

Use an inclusive, data-based, repeatable process to inform your IT Planning decisions. This documented approach will increase efficiency and confidence when evaluating a large number of alternatives or making a critical decision.

Resource Planning

Understand the University’s budget planning processes and other resources available to aid you in IT Planning improvements. Use the decision support tool to inform unit resource allocation decisions (staff effort, space, budget).

IT Assessment Goal #3

“To recommend changes to IT governance (planning, prioritization, assessment and decision-making) to improve the University’s collective ability to manage its investment in technology.”


For more information regarding Penn State’s IT Planning process, please direct inquires to Krystal McMillen by phone at (814) 863-0427.