IT Services for Researchers

From high-speed research networking to unlimited cloud-based storage, Penn State IT is here to assist you in all of your research needs. You can find additional IT services on the Help Request Portal.

IT Services for Researchers

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Penn State Research Network

The Penn State Research Network is a dedicated, high-speed, secure network optimized for high-performance scientific applications (rather than for general-purpose business systems or "enterprise" computing) and is exclusively reserved for faculty/researchers who rely on large computational and data resources for advanced teaching and research.

The Research Network enables researchers to conduct large data file transfers without such bottlenecks as academic firewalls and varying connection speeds or competition with non-research traffic, making the data transfer both within Penn State to the Institute for CyberScience Advanced CyberInfrastructure (ICS-ACI) as well as to external resources or collaborators more efficient.

For more information, visit the Penn State Research Network website.

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Additional Research Support

For additional research IT support, please visit the ServiceNow catalog of research services. Services include research computing support by campus location, college-specific support, and lab management systems.


IT Learning and Development

IT Learning and Development (ITLD) provides free, online, in-person, and personalized training resources for Penn State students, faculty, and staff members. Visit the ITLD website for more information.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a powerful tool to communicate between colleges and campuses with colleagues and students. Penn State offers high-quality video conferencing through Zoom at no additional cost to all students, faculty, and staff members. Visit the Zoom at Penn State website for more information.

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Software at Penn State

Penn State offers staff and faculty members a comprehensive catalog of professional software—including Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud— at no additional cost or at a reduced price. Visit Software at Penn State for more information on available software titles. For more information on Office 365, visit the Office 365 at Penn State website. For more information on accessing Adobe Creative Cloud products, visit the Adobe at Penn State website.

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Linkedin Learning

Penn State students, faculty, and staff members have free access to thousands of high-quality video tutorials from covering such topics as communications skills, web development, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. Simply log in to with your Penn State user ID and password to get started.

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Yammer is an online social network connecting coworkers throughout Penn State. Yammer works with other Office 365 applications to enable users to create communities of practice, share files, create interest- or department-specific groups, discuss ideas, or share workplace updates. Log in to Yammer to get started today.

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Cloud Storage

Penn State students, faculty, and staff members have access to two cloud storage systems to store and share files, data, and information. The first option is Box, a system used widely across the University, which makes sharing files with colleagues and peers easy. Log in to to get started.

OneDrive, a Microsoft product, is another option that works seamlessly with Office 365 to increase productivity when using other Microsoft products. OneDrive’s prevalence outside of Penn State makes sharing documents, photos, and projects with organizations or people outside of the University effortless. Log into Office 365 to get started.

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Get IT Support

Penn State IT is always here to help you access trainings, download software, develop new ideas, or answer any general questions about technology at the University. Visit the Get IT Support page for more information.

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Stay in the Know

Penn State IT is constantly updating its services and campus software. To stay up to date on all the exciting improvements IT is making, IT-related news, or service announcements, follow us @PennStateIT on Twitter and @PennStateIT on Facebook.