A new era in Information Technology

Welcome to IT
July 1, 2019

A message from the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

Every journey begins with one step. At Penn State, we have taken that first step into a new era as we unveil the new Penn State Information Technology organization. This new direction is a transformative move that will eventually take us from 80 disparate IT units to one cohesive organization.

We need to walk before we can run, so our steps are measured and deliberate. In this first step, three formerly separate units moved into the new Penn State IT. This group will help to define how we operate as professionals who are united in support of providing the best possible IT experience for our students, faculty and staff at this remarkable University. They will also pave the way for all the other units that will follow.

This journey is bringing to life the concept of OneIT—where we can accomplish far more working together than we can independently.

We embrace that being part of the largest IT transformation in higher ed is no small task, and we are confident our 2,000 IT professionals are up to the demands. Everything we stand for and are building together is in support of our goals: to align resources, optimize investments and create capacity to support innovation.

One day our University will take for granted all we are striving to achieve at this moment in time.

Today we celebrate the start of the journey with our sleeves rolled up, excited and humbled to take on what is ahead.