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image of penn state mark on the wall of the data center

When Veronica Longenecker arrived at Penn State in 2015, the information technology director for the College of the Liberal Arts took time to evaluate the college’s IT infrastructure inside the Moore Building and found everything was up to par.

She wondered though, how long would that be the case?

Anita (Ferraco) Woodman is an industrial engineer by trade. It is second nature for her to observe a process and start evaluating if it can be made more efficient.

Office 365 branding

Beginning this spring, and continuing through the end of 2018, all Penn State students, faculty and staff members will be part of a University-wide transition toward a unified, modern email and calendaring experience.

Recent Penn State IT News

Putting answers to the test

Multiple choice exam
Teachers, rejoice. A team of Penn State researchers has developed a way to make multiple-choice exam questions easier for instructors to create, yet more intellectually challenging for test-takers. Utilizing machine-learning ranking models, the researchers have proposed a method that automatically generates "distractors," which are the alternative options used to distract students from the correct answer in a multiple choice question.

Greater Allegheny launches signature Digital Fluency Project

Students Faculty and Staff demonstrating how they are using the iPad in their curriculum.
Penn State Greater Allegheny hosted an event on Sept. 11 to announce the start of its newest initiative, the Digital Fluency Project. A series of exhibits lined the Student Community Center showcasing the various ways the campus is utilizing the Apple iPad and Logitech Crayon.