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As a senior in high school, Kat Shatinsky took on a research project intending to shine a light on the achievements of a handful of trailblazing women in computer science.

Among the names Shatinsky studied, one stood out. “Margaret Hamilton was my favorite,” she said. Her eyes light up when she remembers a particular story set against the backdrop of the dramatic Apollo II mission.

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When Veronica Longenecker arrived at Penn State in 2015, the information technology director for the College of the Liberal Arts took time to evaluate the college’s IT infrastructure inside the Moore Building and found everything was up to par.

She wondered though, how long would that be the case?

Anita (Ferraco) Woodman is an industrial engineer by trade. It is second nature for her to observe a process and start evaluating if it can be made more efficient.

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New internship program helps develop aspiring software engineers

Hamilton interns
The Margaret Hamilton Distinguished Internship, offered through a partnership between Penn State’s Enterprise IT Software Engineering Unit and the College of Information Sciences and Technology Alumni Society, helps aspiring software engineering students develop their skills.

Happy Valley Helper aims to inform campus and community

Steven Weber
As a Penn State student living off campus, Steven Weber wanted to have a more efficient routine while waiting for the bus to arrive. He thought, wouldn’t it be great if he could ask his smart assistant when the next bus would pull up to his stop?

ICS offers workshop on the basics of machine learning programming

Chris Blanton
The Institute for CyberScience will host two workshops on machine learning on Feb. 12 and March 12 for faculty, staff and students who want to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as explore how this technology might be used in their own research.