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IT support can't always come to you when you're having a hardware or software issue. While a phone call may be sufficient to diagnose and suggest a fix, it isn't always enough. That's when software that allows support to open a remote session, see the client's screen, and experience the environment firsthand is invaluable.

It's always impressive to take a look back at months of work to see just how much was accomplished during that length of time. It can be both eye-opening and inspiring. It may be particularly true in IT, where nothing remains static on a normal day, let alone during a pandemic.

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Necessity is the mother of invention – and sometimes the impetus to speed up or revise plans for a better outcome. That was the case this summer, when the University needed to find new ways to return students to campus when the old ways of doing things were no longer safe or sensible.

Recent Penn State IT News

New LionPATH forms provide a faster, contactless solution for students

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As the start of an ongoing project to modernize University processes, the LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization, in collaboration with various University offices, has released new functionality in the LionPATH student information system that will allow for the replacement of paper forms and manual processes with digital solutions. The new forms will expedite the submission and handling of information for critical student processes, including scheduling doctoral exams, issuing letters of certification, and managing student confidentiality requests.

Symposium builds collaborations across disciplines and industries

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The Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences’ 2020 virtual symposium brought together researchers, computational experts, government officials and industry specialists who are working to build interdisciplinary communities that can transform this deluge of data into a stream of solutions for the world’s most pressing scientific and societal challenges.

Top Hat: Learn how to engage  students in your course

Top Hat at Penn State
The goal of Penn State IT’s enterprise-wide service agreement with Top Hat in September 2020 is to provide instructors with the tools to design courses that will engage students  within and  outside the classroom.  Since its release in late fall 2020, the Top Hat vendor has been actively supporting instructors with personalized demonstrations and webinar training sessions.   Top Hat  is  available  for  instructors  to  learn  how to incorporate  features  into  their spring  2021  courses.

Penn State Go: Opt-in for location-based notifications for your campus 

Penn State Go:  Opt-in  for  location-based notifications  for  your  campus 
Penn State Go now supports a new feature that allows users to opt-in to receive essential messages and updates relative to one’s location on Penn State campuses. Location-based notifications include messages about safety, changes on campus, important reminders, events and more. Enabling this feature is voluntary, and users' location information will never be stored or shared.