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WebAccess is Penn State’s online authentication system that protects such sites and services as WebMail, Canvas, LionPATH, and more. Visit the WebAccess service catalog for more information.

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Canvas is used by faculty members and students to post lessons, give and complete quizzes, and upload and collect assignments. As a course management system, Canvas helps faculty members communicate with students, organize their courses, and post grades. To get started, log in to Canvas.

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LionPATH is the student information system that allows students to view transcripts and financial aid information, pay tuition bills, and schedule courses. Staff and faculty members use LionPATH to assist students in those tasks either as academic advisors or staff members who manage student accounts. To get started, log in to LionPATH.

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WebMail is Penn State’s online email client for students to receive all emails sent to their Penn State email address. WebMail lets you organize messages into mailboxes, add signatures, access directories, and more. Log in to WebMail with your Penn State OneID Account to get started.

In addition to WebMail, Penn State is currently in the process of providing University-wide access to Microsoft Outlook email and calendaring. Outlook will provide students, faculty, and staff members with a single, connected and secure email and calendaring system that can be easily shared across the entire University and with outside organizations. Learn more about Outlook on the Office 365 at Penn State website.

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Wireless Internet

Penn State offers wireless Internet at all of its campus and colleges locations. The University’s Wi-Fi network, named "psu," requires you log in with your Penn State OneID Account for security. To ensure secure Internet connections, all University members should use the psu wireless connection, not the guest connection. For security reasons, there are some devices, including printers, that will not work with Penn State Wi-Fi. Visit the wireless service website for more information.

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Computer Labs

Student computer labs are available for you to use at various locations throughout your campus. The lab machines come equipped with many of the software titles required for classes and offer both color and black-and-white printing capabilities. You can find lab locations, check computer availability, and learn more about printing by visiting the Classroom and Lab Computing website.

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Tech Tutors

Tech Tutors are available for personalized training on such software titles as Adobe, Microsoft, Sites at Penn State, WikiSpaces, and more. Tech Tutors are available in person or online via chat and screen sharing. Visit the Tech Tutors website to learn more.

Connect to Tech

New to Penn State? The Connect to Tech Guide is here to help you set up and understand all of Penn State’s technology resources. Visit the Connect to Tech website for a full listing of student technology resources.

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Software at Penn State

Penn State offers students a comprehensive catalog of professional software—including Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud— at no additional cost or at a reduced price. Visit Software at Penn State for more information on available software titles. For more information on Office 365, visit the Office 365 at Penn State website. For more information on accessing Adobe Creative Cloud products, visit the Adobe at Penn State website.

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Sites at Penn State

Sites at Penn State is a web publishing service that gives students, faculty, and staff members the ability to create and publish websites, blogs, and portfolios at no additional cost. Sites at Penn State is powered by WordPress, an open-source web publishing platform. For more information, visit the Sites at Penn State website.

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Penn State students, faculty, and staff members have free access to thousands of high-quality video tutorials from covering such topics as communications skills, web development, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. Simply log in to with your Penn State user ID and password to get started.

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Cloud Storage

Penn State students, faculty, and staff members have access to two cloud storage systems to store and share files, data, and information. The first option is Box, a system used widely across the University, which makes sharing files with colleagues and peers easy. Log in to to get started.

OneDrive, a Microsoft product, is another option that works seamlessly with Office 365 to increase productivity when using other Microsoft products. OneDrive’s prevalence outside of Penn State makes sharing documents, photos, and projects with organizations or people outside of the University effortless. Visit the OneDrive site to get started [LINK HERE].

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Get IT Support

Penn State IT is always here to help you access trainings, download software, develop new ideas, or answer any general questions about technology at the University. Visit the Get IT Support page for more information.

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Stay in the Know

Penn State IT is constantly updating its services and campus software. To stay up to date on all the exciting improvements IT is making, IT-related news, or service announcements, follow us @PennStateIT on Twitter and @PennStateIT on Facebook. Follow Click! on Instagram (@PennStateClick) for updates and information that directly affects student technology.

Penn State IT is here to help you make the most of your University experience using a variety of technology tools and resources. From high-quality video tutorials to widely available computer labs, take advantage of the innovative technology tools to help you stand out. You can find additional IT services on the Help Request Portal.

If you’re new to Penn State, you can find all the student technology resources you need in the Connect to Tech Student Technology Guide, which is distributed to all incoming students during New Student Orientation. Please click the button below to check out the guide and get started using technology at Penn State!