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Thank-You Notes


  • Hope Fletemake

I am not sure how many may know this, but Hope single-handedly saved the day during finals week last semester. Delivery times for toner unexpectedly experienced shipping delays resulting in 1 to 2 week lead times. Toner was low across University Park. Working with Hope, we quickly identified that we could source supplies locally. Coordinating with purchasing she was able to make the large purchase, she even visited the store locally to ensure the purchase went through to avoid any delay. It was already late into the evening at this point. Her work here, however, kept everything afloat and we were able to keep all the printing locations throughout UP stocked through finals week. We can only speculate at this point on how many student dissertations, thesis, and final papers she saved. Thank you, Hope. You rock!

- Zach Przybilla
  • Roman Dehonney

Roman started in September of 2016 and jumped right into a very fast-paced environment. Late in the year, he was asked by the Chancellor to head up our campus’ team to host the Strategic Planning Forum on “Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources.” He meticulously planned our campus’ ability to host the event and we successfully hosted with over 110 in-person attendees with standing room only. In addition, Roman has taken on a very customer-centered role and done a fantastic job mentoring student workers. Lastly, he worked extremely hard to figure out a cost-effective way to do live streaming for our campus, which was first used for Fall 2016 commencement, but is going to be shortly rolled out campuswide for any event where streaming would be beneficial, including our sporting events. As a small campus, having someone as motivated and self-starting as Roman has been a great help and allowed me to concentrate on management tasks and collaboration with other departments.

- Stephen Sherwin


  • Kristy Hamm
Kristy made all of Penn State Brandywine’s power/wiring dreams come true for TEP. It took a heavy amount of coordination from her and multiple work forces inside and outside of Penn State. All to benefit a campus 3+ hours away. Outstanding work, Kristy. Thank you for everything.
- Justin DiMatteo
  • Abbey Philip
Thanks for your expert sleuthing toward a workaround with the Samba problem and sharing it with others on Yammer, which helped lead the ITS team to a solution.
- Jeff D'Angelo


  • Gordon, Will, David

Tremendous effort in getting a bid response in less than three working days.

- Jeff Lumkin
  • Hope Fletemake
Thanks to Hope for her flexibility with the ITSCollab meeting yesterday. We made several last minute changes with participants and activities and she accommodated us with a smile :-)
- Sue Gavazzi


  • Brenda Miller

THANK YOU Brenda Miller for sorting all the ITS United Way solicitation packets! I so appreciate your help each and every day but am particularly grateful for your help this morning!

- Debbie Pepple
  • Debbie Pepple
Sending a HUGE "shout-out and thank-you" to Debbie Pepple for organizing a tailgate luncheon for USB 1 and 2 folks last Friday! It was a great opportunity to network with other IT folks while having fun at the same time! THANKS Debbie!
- Toni Baylets-Holsinger
  • Heather White
I would like to thank Heather White for all she does. Whether it be arranging travel, answering questions on about just about any topic, assisting me with scheduling group meetings, or any other thing we ask or need. She is awesome and works hard helping us all.
- Susan Taylor
  • Julie Barton
  • Tim Weston
I would like to thank both Julie and Tim for their help covering for me during my vacation. Their help with VoIP, wireless, and daily work orders made my return a lot easier. Thank you both so much.
- Rick Fayman, Telecommunications and Networking Services