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Apply to Become a Mentor or Mentee

Applications for the 2017–18 IT Mentors program are now closed.

As you answer the questions on the application form, please consider including the following information. This information will help the IT Mentors committee learn more about you so they can match you with the mentor or mentee that will best fit your interests, goals, and skillsets:

  • The reason(s) you want to become a mentor or mentee
  • The skills and experiences you would like to share as a mentor or improve as a mentee
  • A brief career history and list of accomplishments
  • Any additional information that will help the committee pair you with a colleague

Sample goals and activities

The following suggestions are meant to inspire ideas; your goals and activities should be unique to your situation and needs:

  • Improve your work/life balance
  • Explore other positions
  • Address work situations
  • Learn about the University structure
  • Identify skills to practice
  • Cultivate relationships to expand your professional network
  • Discover activities and services available to you