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IT Training & Travel

Penn State IT professionals report on their experiences at conferences and other training events.
IT Training & Travel reports because:

  • you can share your experiences
  • you can help others evaluate opportunities
  • you can help ensure that training dollars are used wisely

Share Your Experiences

Training and travel take time and money. Let’s make informed decisions across Penn State IT by sharing information. Let your peers know where you went, what you did, and what you thought by sharing your experiences in the Training and Travel group in Yammer.

To get started:

  • Please consider using this standard list of questions as a guide to sharing your experiences. You can copy and paste the questions directly into Yammer.
  • If you’re already logged into Yammer, you can enter your experiences below in the embedded Yammer Training and Travel group feed.
  • You can also go directly to the Training and Travel group on Yammer and enter your experiences there.
  • If you’re already blogging somewhere else, please add the tag “psuittrainingtravel” to your blog posts, and then share links to your posts in the Training and Travel group.
  • Not into Yammer yet? You can use one of the other options described at the bottom of the page (but we really think Yammer’s the way to go).

Yammer Training and Travel Group Feed

Contributions may be shared with the Penn State community.