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Communities A - Z

Computer and Network Services offers IT services and solutions to the Abington Campus. The IT areas that fall under CNS are Service Desk, Systems Administration, Infrastructure, and Student Computer Labs.

Connecting Drupal users across Penn State.

Devoted to to exploration of games as a tool to improve teaching, learning and research.

The Hyper-V Users Group is a support community of technical individuals who utilize or are interested in virtualized environments hosted on the Microsoft Hyper-V platform. Whether you are fully engaged in virtualization, dabbling with it, considering it, or just curious we welcome you to the group and ask for your active participation.

This working group provides participants with a forum for discussing issues and challenges faced by project managers of technical and non-technical projects within the Penn State environment. Discussions include best practices and tools, promotion of project management culture in organizations, managing cross-functional groups, the introduction of new technologies, and meeting stakeholder expectations. A constant goal of this group is to assist others in implementing project management in a more rigorous, meaningful, and timely manner than would otherwise be possible. This group meets monthly and uses a listserv to discuss issues throughout the year.

Penn State’s local version of the national ITANA effort. The group currently consists of staff from organizations providing IT services to Penn State academic and business organizations.

A community-designed gathering of people from across Penn State who are interested in big issues related to the learning design process.

This is a group of students, faculty, and alumni of Penn State who in some way use Linux or other *NIX variants.

This community is used for communication and collaboration among Penn State’s IT professionals.

Fostering collaboration and information sharing among IT professionals at Penn State.


We invite you to submit information about your team, committee, working group, task force, or similar community to help Penn State IT professionals University-wide share their knowledge and experiences. Help us make this new listing as comprehensive as possible.

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